KODEX Advantage


Diversified Investment

ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds) are funds listed on stock exchange those track market indices. By placing orders at known prices, you can react rapidly to the changing market conditions

Easy Investment

KODEX can be traded easily just like common stocks on the Korea Exchange. Major brokerage firms are designated as the Authorized Participants to provide services for investors. Liquidity providers maintain a competitive bid-offer spread in order to assure liquidity of KODEX ETFs.

Low-cost Investment

Trading of KODEX ETFs on the stock market involves no creation or redemption fees. Investors only pay their brokerage commission when they trade. The Securities Transaction Tax of 0.3% is also exempted on a KODEX transaction.

Hedged Investment

Investors can sell KODEX short conveniently along any price movement when the market is open. Up-tick rule is not applied to KODEX ETFs

  • Please read the (simplified) investment prospectus specifying the investment target, fees, commissions, and repurchasing methods before you invest in a collective investment scheme.
  • Collective investment schemes may result in losses against the investment principal depending on how the fund schemes are managed. Said losses that may be incurred are at the investor’s own risk.
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